About Us

“Summertime” is a Cafe Snack Bar located at Georgioupolis, a small village of north-west Crete. Georgioupolis belongs to Chania area but it’s actually on the borders between Chania and Rethymno. It is mostly famous for the long sandy  beach  that spreads for 16 kilometers on the north side of the island, facing  Cretan  open  sea.  (It’s the sea that separates the island from mainland). 


“Summertime”  beach bar was born in 1996. Ever since, we offer our services each summer, from May to  October. We  have created a pleasant environment respecting the surrounding nature. Our visitors can relax, enjoy our services and feel the Cretan hospitality, which is well known from the mythology times, thousands of years ago.

You will be astonished by the beautiful view of  the  sea  and  the  traditional  St’  Nicolas  church built at the end of a rock path, that leads to the ocean. When  the  sun  goes  a little higher and the heat is rising, you can enjoy swimming  on  our beach and get a nice suntan, laying comfortably on  one of our  sun  beds.  The  bar  and  kitchen are open at any time for something  refreshing (fresh juices,  ice-creams, soft drinks, cocktails), or something to eat from the variety of our menu. The colors of the sky during sunset will impress you and if you are lucky to be to our village during full moon, you will understand  why  people  fall  in  love  with  this  place. 

You can enjoy all these special moments in Summertime Beach Bar, under the sounds of good music and romantic environment.